Zhichao Xu 徐志超

My name is Chih-Chao Hsu in Wade-Giles system; aside from my legal name, you can also call me Brutus

Ph.D. Student

School of Computing
University of Utah
Email: zhichao.xu@utah.edu
Google Scholar, Github, Twitter, Huggingface

Looking for Internships

I am look for internship for Summer 2024, drop me an email if you're interested in my works :)

About [CV]

I am currently a third-year PhD student at University of Utah, advised by Prof. Bei Wang and Prof. Vivek Srikumar.

I also work closely with Prof. Qingyao Ai and Prof. Yongfeng Zhang.

I am interested in multiple sub-domains of Information Retrieval, including machine learning-motivated IR, i.e. learning-to-rank, Dense Retrieval, and Explainable IR


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